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To Bundle or Not Bundle, That is The Question


Have you considered bundling your home and auto insurance? Although you have the opportunity to compare prices for each policy separately, it is nearly always wise to have the same carrier handle the majority of your policies.

Advantages of Bundling

The prospect of a discount is what motivates the majority of policyholders to bundle their policies. The sum varies depending on the provider, but it often falls between 6% and 23%.

A single deductible option is available with bundled insurance, and in the event that a claim affects numerous policies, your deductible may be less expensive. You would be responsible for paying both your home and auto deductibles before obtaining payment, for instance, if your home and auto policies are with two different insurers and hailstorm damage both your home and car. However, your provider can provide you the choice to pay only the bigger of the two deductibles if you bundle your insurance.

Less likelihood of being dropped. If you have filed claims or received citations, having all of your policies with one provider can reduce the likelihood that they will drop you.

When Bundling Isn't Worth It

Combining your coverage with one insurance provider is not necessarily preferable. When separating them may be preferable, as shown here:

If you have tickets or prior claims that make your auto insurance pricey, it can be more cost-effective overall to purchase each coverage from a different provider in this situation.

When premiums go up, bundling prevents consumers from comparison shopping, which makes it simpler for providers to raise prices. Most people think that when your insurance renew, you won't bother to compare prices.

Even though they aren't officially bundled, some carriers may nonetheless cover you through a business they are associated with. Even while you might receive a discount from that business, you'll forfeit the ease of paying your premium with a single, well-known supplier.

A Few Things to Think About

Although discounts are the primary driver behind insurance policy bundling, you should never assume it is the most cost-effective choice. Whether you should combine your plans with one provider will depend on your requirements and situation. Think about the following advice:

When your policies are up for renewal, look for new coverage and compare the costs of the individual and bundled rates to determine whether it is worthwhile. When comparing prices from different carriers, just make sure you are comparing the same coverage.

To save yourself time, ask an independent insurance agent to compare rates from other providers. You might be able to receive reductions from an agent who is committed to a specific carrier that you can't get on your own.

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