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Your Private Business Is Exposed to Directors and Officers Claims Written by Belltown Insurance Group on May 16, 2018

Directors and Officers (D & O) Liability Update

Every business, no matter what the size, has a D & O exposure.  Some people may mistakenly think that D & O risks are just for large firms, but actual court cases tell a different story.  D & O claims come about because of decisions made by the firm’s officers and employees.  Claims can come from employees, competitors, investors, and the government.  Most of these kinds of ...




These Insurance Facts Will Cause You to Think Written by Belltown Insurance Group on May 9, 2018

Insurance may be confusing to some people. But here are few interesting facts to get you thinking about your insurance program. Insurance can offer the right combination of pricing and coverage on your home, auto, and boat insurance. If anything these are great reasons to have us complete a review of your insurance program.

  • There were over 26,000 arson fires in the U.S. in 2017.
  • In 2017, 42,658 wildfires burned over 6 million acres in California, North Carolina, Oregon, Montana, Texas, Utah and ...




A Few Reasons Not to Buy Insurance Written by Belltown Insurance Group on Apr 26, 2018

An Insurance Update

Every agent offers tips and suggestions on why you should buy insurance.  However, here are a few reasons not to buy insurance.  Insurance is designed to protect you from unknown events that might cause you a financial loss.  Some people think insurance is not worth it or just costs too much, so here are our reasons not to buy <...




You Will Never Need Personal Insurance If… Written by Belltown Insurance Group on Apr 17, 2018

A Personal Insurance Update

Are you tired of people telling you why you need to buy their insurance?  Are you sick of buying “cheap†online insurance, only to end up with the wrong coverage?  We thought it might be fun to tell that you do not need personal insurance if you meet the following criteria.

Remember, personal insurance is designed to protect you from accidents and other ...




How Will Your Business Respond? Written by Belltown Insurance Group on Apr 11, 2018

A Business Insurance Update

If you think about it, your business faces risks every day.  When you open your doors, you have the risk of having sick or injured employees, customer complainants, and vendors who fail to deliver on their promises.  The world has changed in the past few years and it is important for business owners to make sure their business insurance keeps up.

Recently a large insurer released their annual business risk index. This ...